What is the ideal temperature and humidity for your room?


Ideal Temperature: 23-26℃.

Ideal Relative Humidity: 40-60%RH.

Relative Humidity<40%, dust and bacteria are easy to attach to the human mucosa, stimulate the throat and cause coughing, and easily induce respiratory diseases such as bronchi and asthma.

Relative Humidity >70%, will make people feel sick, inappetence, tired, dizzy and other symptoms, damp and moldy room, increase the risk of asthma, rheumatism, eczema.

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It is the temperature measurement of a given space. Temperature is the most commonly used word in the weather forecast.

Apparent Temperature

Apparent temperature refers to how humans perceived the air temperature. It is effected by Air Temperature, Relative Humidity and wind speed.

What is my Apparent Temperature now? Check below Chart

For example:

Air Temperature 32 Deg.C, Relative Humidity is 60%RH, the human body will feel as high as 38Deg.C.

Air Temperature 29 Deg.C, Relative Humidity is 90%RH, the human body will feel as high as 39Deg.C.

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