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Industrial Dehumidifier

Industrial Dehumidifier 168L

Industrial dehumidifier LT168-D030A/LT210-D030A/LT240-D030A

Industrial dehumidifier 360L

Industrial dehumidifier LT360-D030A/LT480-D030A

Industrial Dehumidifier 960L

Industrial dehumidifier LT720-D030A/LT960-D030A

Features of industrial dehumidifier

  • LED display: This industrial dehumidifier LED screen show Environment Humidity, Environment Temperature, Timer On/Off.

  • Timing function: When the industrial dehumidifier is in standby state, you can press Timer key to set the start time(1-24h), press “ADD” or “MINUS” to set the time to start the industrial dehumidifier; When the industrial dehumidifier is under the running state, you can press Timer key to set the stop time, press “ADD” or “MINUS” to set the time to stop the machine. When you want to cancel the timing, just setting number to “00”.

  • Humidity setting range: You can set the humidity 10%-90%RH, press the key once to add or minus 1%RH. Then the industrial dehumidifier will follow up your setting value to work. When environmental humidity<machine set humidity+3%, the compressor and fan of the industrial dehumidifier stop running. When environmental humidity≥machine set humidity+3% ,compressor and fan of the industrial dehumidifier start running.

  • Auto deforst: Evaporator surface of the industrial dehumidifier will be frosting when the machine working in the low temperature(≤18℃) that will influence dehumidifying effect. This industrial dehumidifiers have auto defrost function. When the machine under defrosting process,  the compressor of the industrial dehumidifier stop working and the “defrost” light keeps on. The industrial dehumidifier will recover to dehumidifying automatically when the defrosting process completed.

  • Air filter is easy to clean: This industrial dehumidifier has a filter at the air inlet to filter the air dust. If the air filter blocked by dust, it will affect dehumidifier effect and waste more power. Therefore we suggest you to clean the air filter every month to maintain good performance of the industrial dehumidifier.

 Use industrial dehumidifier in the following industries

The industrial dehumidifier is suitable for large area, especially for large workshop and warehouse.

You can use our industrial dehumidifier in  warehouses, underground parking, construction site, archives, museum, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, leather, footwear, furniture, printing products, chemicals, tobacco, wood, preserved fruit, seafood and many other industries. The heavy losses caused by dampness and mildew are avoided. 

Before using dehumidifierUnderground parking After use industrial dehumidifier
Industrial dehumidifier for underground parking

Special solutions of industrial dehumidifier

If you have one big area need to dry, it may need around 50-100PCS industrial dehumidifier. If you start or shut down or setting 100PCS industrial dehumidifier manually, it will be very troublesome. Then how to solve this issue?

We suggest you control all 100PCS industrial dehumidifier by computer. After equip wireless module for industrial dehumidifier, you can achieve:

  1. Each page can clearly view position, humidity, on/off status and alarm status of each industrial dehumidifier;
  2. If any industrial dehumidifier alarms, it will display the alarm icon, click the alarm icon, display the alarm page, and view the detail location of the industrial dehumidifier;
  3. Set the one key start function of each building. When pressed, the first industrial dehumidifier of each floor of the building will start at the same time, with an interval of 10s, the second dehumidifier of each floor will start, with an interval of 10s… The shutdown will be made into one key shutdown. When pressed, all the industrial dehumidifier of the building will stop. In this way, the manual operation can be reduced and the current impact can be reduced;
  4. One key to set the humidity function, and one key to set the humidity value for each building and each floor. This can reduce manual operation;
Model No. LT168-D030A LT210-D030A LT360-D030A LT480-D030A LT720-D030A LT960-D030A
Dehumidifying capacity(L/Day) 168 210 360 480 720 960
Power supply AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz
Rated input(W) 2800 4500 7000 13000 15000 19000
Rated current(A) 5.7 9.1 18 34 39 46
Refrigerant R410A/R22 R410A/R22 R410A/R22 R410A/R22 R410A/R22 R410A/R22
Air circulation(m3/h) 1520 3000 5000 6000 8000 10000
Noise level dB(A) 68 68 68 75 75 75
Operation temperature 5-35ºC 5-35ºC 5-35ºC 5-35ºC 5-35ºC 5-35ºC
Dimension D*W*H(mm) 610*400*1600 770*470*1750 1190*450*1750 1190*450*1750 2060*570*1750 600*1750*2000
Packing D*W*H(mm) 670*510*1700 830*530*1900 1310*600*1900 1310*600*1900 2160*670*1900 700*1850*2150
Net weight(kg) 94 145 220 250 300 440
Gross weight(kg) 112 155 240 270 330 480

Note: (1)The above product technical data are subject to change without notice.

           (2) The website only shows part of products. If these products can’t meet your requirements, please contact us for more models.

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